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History Of Top Notch Seeds

Family Owned & Operated

Founded in 2007, Top Notch Seeds is a family owned and operated seed company located in Brawley, California.Owners Don and Mary Emanuelli and their three sons, Steven, Scott and Brian, are all directly involved in the day-to-day operations of J. Emanuelli & Sons farming and Top Notch Seeds.   

History Rooted in Agriculture


The Emanuelli Family has been in the farming industry since 1917. Their farming tenure has included an extensive array of agriculture production including: Alfalfa, Bermuda, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Corn, Melons, Citrus Groves as well as many others.   Its richly rooted family ties to producing superior crops in the Imperial Valley led to the research and development of a proprietary alfalfa seed called Chema 1 that was designed to thrive in drought and high heat climates. Years later, the success of Chema 1 alfalfa has been demonstrated globally. It is well known as a premiere alfalfa with excellent stand persistence and longevity under frequent cutting. While it is produced exclusively in the Imperial Valley, it has been planted in numerous areas with the same geographical conditions including the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.  

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